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    May 15th, 2011ImogenUncategorized

    Things I think I don’t have time for when it’s exam time

    • Exercise (beyond walking to places I can’t avoid going to)
    • Interesting Cooking
    • Food Shopping (unless I’ve run out of revision food) (for “revision food” read doritos, apples and custard creams)
    • Going shopping to replace my ripped jeans
    • Writing proper blog posts

    Things I apparently DO have time for at exam time

    • Checking facebook ┬ájust incase I’ve missed something interesting/diverting/banal even though only 10 minutes have elapsed
    • Refreshing twitter and investigating mildly interesting-looking links which I usually can’t apply myself to enough to read in their entirity
    • Window shopping online, fully aware that I’m not going to buy anything because then I would have material proof I had been shopping when I should have been working.
    • Reading very long articles about the Science of Itching (see tweet)
    • Keeping up with current affairs (but only celebrity gossip, since interesting thought provoking stories cannot constitute a break from learning)
    • In depth google research on any interesting question that pops into my head and is unrelated to what I am supposed to be doing, i.e., learning things about physics.
    • Staring out of the window (“relaxing my eyes”)
    • Tidying my room. I feel I should let it get into an utter state to prove my commitment to my studies, but I just can’t stop myself putting things away. I’m a disgrace to my siblings, I know.
    • Washing up (ditto)
    • Arranging the app shortcuts on my homescreen into the most efficient and logical configuration
    • Thinking about numerous interesting things to write blog posts about but forgetting them before I have a chance to put something off by writing them.
    • Seeing my boyf. Speaking of which…!

    p.s. Bear with me. I’ll write about something interesting soon. Thanks for understanding. Goodbye.