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    January 15th, 2012ImogenUncategorized

    This term I have been enjoying the work for the module “Communication of Scientific Ideas”. One of the pieces of coursework calls for a scientific radio show. I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Mahoney, Tessa Jones and Amy Yau and we had a great time making it. I think you will agree that Jen has a beautiful radio voice and made an excellent host.

    If you attend carefully you may hear me referred to as ‘Dr’ Imogen House. Alas I have not completed a PhD, I was merely masquerading as a researcher, borrowing the story of Clare Elwell. Clare is a Professor in my home department and I have done another couple of pieces of work based on the interview she gave me a couple of months ago about her fascinating work. Stay tuned for further updates.
    Our show- “The Pink Room” has two fascinating interviews with two up-and-coming lady scientists, and an update on all the latest (a couple of months ago) science news. We hope you enjoy it!

    The Pink Room – episode 1

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